How Deadmau5 changed the house genre is a good question since to many fans he is the definition of ‘music genre’. How Deadmau5 influenced electronic music genre is not as important as the lesson he has for the world in how to take lemons and make them lemonade.

The stage name ‘Deadmau5′, pronounced ‘dead mouse’, belongs to a Canadian music giant by the name of Joel Thomas Zimmerman. As the story goes, Zimmerman literally found a dead mouse in his computer tower while making a hardware switch. At first, his chat-room friends called him ‘Dead Mouse Guy’ which overshot character count limits ultimately being abbreviated to ‘deadmau5′. Having a flare for creativity, Zimmerman’s well-known mouse headgear evolved from experimenting with 3D computer software.

Zimmerman’s creative flare for musical mixology showed up in his first album ‘Get Scraped’ which encompassed multi-genre ranging from IDM (intelligent dance music) to electronic hip hop dubbed ‘Trip Hop’. To many fans, Deadmau5′s title should be ‘Electronic Music Genre King’ with the definition being one whose repertoire includes electronic, dubstep, house, electro and house styles known to switch in a heartbeat. Deadmau5′s worldwide popularity stems from performances on BBC 1 Radio and appearances around the globe.The information party rocks on: Deadmau5 Closes Out Six-Night Run at New York’s Roseland Ballroom

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